Microblading Services

Cut a Bitch- Microblading

$595 and up

** Starting June 1st, Microblading services will begin at $650 which includes Seattle sales tax

Throwin’ Shade- Microshading

$100 and up

Holla Back Now – Touch Ups

$100 and up

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A $100 deposit is required upon booking of a microblading appointment.

I required a 48-hour cancellation notice, after which you will be responsible for 50% of the appointment cost.



Mother Pluckin’ Tweeze- Brow Tweeze


Rip it Off- Brow Waxing


Tint a Bitch- Brow Tinting

$10 and up

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Lash Lift

Peep Show- Lash Lift


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Bitchcraft – Custom Makeup

$200 per hour

Beauty School Drop-out – Makeup Lesson

$100 per hour

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Touch Ups

Holla Back Now- Touch Ups

​​$100 Within 6 Month Touch Up
$180 Within 9 Month Touch Up
$200 Within 12 Month Touch Up
$300 Within 18 Month a Touch Up
Additional Touch ups will vary $70+

Anything past 24 Months with no touch up visits will be considered full price due to amount of fading

**Re-tattoo from previous technicians elsewhere will be considered initial session
**Pricing subject to change at any time

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Rates vary, but a complementary consultation is required before any permanent make-up session