Everyone’s skin is unique, but following proper aftercare is essential in achieving the most desirable results.


  1. The day of procedure contains the most steps that are crucial to follow for best results. Using a neutral cleanser, wash your brows for the first time 30 minutes after your procedure. You also must wash your brows 3-5 times throughout the day and then reapply a very thin layer (grain of rice size) of the aftercare supplied to you. (Brows may be washed every 1-2 hours depending on your appointment time.)


  1. Day 2 you should also wash your brows 3-5 times and then reapply the aftercare supplied to you. Day 3-7 clean the treatment area by using a gentle cleanser morning and evening. Apply a thin layer of the aftercare supplied to you, or grapeseed oil to the treatment area twice daily after cleansing. Be careful not to oversaturate. A thin layer is all you need.


  1. Besides gently cleansing the procedure area twice daily, keep water off your brows for the next 10 days. That includes sweating, saunas and hot showers.


  1. Normal activity can be resumed immediately, but no heavy exercise such as aerobic dancing, weight lifting, swimming, etc. for the next 10 days.


  1. Your procedure will begin to oxidize immediately. This causes the pigment to become darker. Do not be alarmed; this dark color will fade during the next few days.


  1. Do not pick any scabs or dry areas that may form during the healing process. This may cause you to lose color or damage your skin. Instead, apply some of the aftercare supplied you after the procedure.


  1. Other fading or loss of pigment may occur. Some flaking off of the pigment is normal on some skin types; the pigment may sometimes disappear only to reappear a few days or weeks later. Any pigment loss will be recovered at touch-up. You cannot put any makeup on your brows until day 10.


  1. Day 7-14 you will apply nothing to your brows. If they itch uncontrollably due to healing, you may apply a very, very small amount of the aftercare I supplied to you.


  1. After two weeks you should start applying SPF to your brows. Staying out of the sun will help brows to not fade as fast as will wearing SPF. Note: you should be wearing SPF daily anyways.


  1. I am always available for advice or reassurance. I am fine with my clients texting me. My number is 214-356-4911. I will always try to respond as soon as I possibly can and it’s never a bother. Your peace of mind and happiness with your brows is my main concern.